amoreden: words on the web


You have less than 15 seconds to grab your reader’s attention before they hit the back button and retreat to their search engine to find another website to visit. It’s essential you create excitement not boredom with your opening words.

Writing words for web pages demands a different style from paper based marketing materials. If you simply copy the text from your latest brochure your site may never be found.

Search engines look for specific words and phrases and it’s important to make sure they are highly visible within the text; they should also appear in the right places to catch the attention of the computerised web crawlers.

Your aim is to raise your ranking on search engines so that your site always appears near the top of the list. However, simply using the same words over and over again will quickly turn away your potential customers. Using lots of flashy graphics doesn’t work either; the time it takes to load pictures is another turn-off.

One of the biggest problems with web sites is poor grammar and spelling. Grammatical errors in your text distract the viewer from your message and make your company appear unprofessional. Never give a potential customer a reason not to buy from you!

The most successful web sites use a combination of the right words, written in an interesting and informative way, plus pictures which are relevant to the text. You need to give enough information for people to understand what you selling but also to encourage them to contact you for more details. If you are planning an e-commerce site then your words need to written more persuasively to convince them to buy now, not at some time in the future.

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