amoreden: words on paper

Paper and Pen

For many business owners, putting pen to paper is a challenge. Even sitting in front of a blank screen can be daunting.

In these days of intense competition it simply isn’t good enough to tell people what you do and expect them to buy from you. Writing words designed to market your company and its products and services requires time, thought, effort and most importantly, creativity

There are many ways to write persuasive sales copy – and each medium is different.

Brochures have the advantage of space to use words and pictures in equal measures while catalogues demand a full explanation in less than 50 words per item.

Press releases are a much maligned form of publicity but can work very well, providing you know the secret of writing and presenting them to the editor.

Editorials and advertorials usually contain more words and need to tell a story which interests the reader and encourages them to read to the end.

Adverts require short, sharp copy to explain and persuade in as few words as possible.

Scripts for presentations need information to keep the listener interested; humour, where appropriate, adds to the overall impression left by the speaker. TV and radio scripts, on the other hand, need to be crisp and to the point.

Knowing which style to use for each type of publication is a skill and needs a creative professional who understands the different mediums and can adapt their style to suit.

When you need words, whatever the media, contact Judi Whiting who is writing the words@amoreden