amoreden: words make news


It costs far more to recruit a new client than it does to persuade an existing one to buy new and different products. It therefore pays to keep customers informed and happy.

Regular, clear communication between company and customer is the key and one of the best ways to do this is with a regular newsletter.

words@amoreden offers two ways to produce and publish your company newsletter:

Newsletters 2 Go is the ideal way to introduce a printed newsletter without incurring substantial design and start-up costs. With a choice of six ready-to-go templates you have the opportunity to personalise them using colour, logo, typeface and a unique name. Published on paper or as a PDF file for attachment to web sites the Newsletters 2 Go package is designed for small and medium sized businesses who want to improve their communications and image with regular quarterly or half yearly mailings.

Newsletters 4 You is an email package using personalised templates. Start up costs are low and once you have provided the original mailing addresses, ongoing database management is included in the fee. Offering remarkable value for money, Newsletters 4 You is the way to go for monthly or bi-monthly mailings. All the articles are researched and written for you and mailings are automatically generated on an agreed date. You will even receive feedback on the response each mailing generates.

When you need to improve communication with your customers call or email Judi Whiting who is writing the words@amoreden