amoreden: words, letters and emails


When people hear the words ‘corporate image’ the majority think of graphics: logo design, packaging, brochures and web sites.

But what about the words?

Your customers’ perception of your company is affected as much by your words as your visual image; poor grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes can make even the most professional company appear amateurish.

Large companies have learnt this lesson and some actually have departments dedicated to checking and amending all outgoing mail to ensure they comply with corporate standards. For smaller companies, however, this is both impractical and expensive.

Don’t worry. Help is at hand.

If you send out regular correspondence, whether by post or email, ask amoreden to write template letters reflecting your company’s image, ensuring that customers gain a positive impression of your products and your customer service. These can include new customer welcome mails, order confirmations or price lists and be used time and time again.

The letters are supplied in a format which can be saved as a group template, giving all employees access and allowing them to personalise each one; they can also include a number of options, giving even greater flexibility. Just one simple template letter will allow your staff to optimise the time they spend communicating with your customers.

Call or e-mail today to find out how amoreden can help your company improve its’ corporate image. Talk to Judi Whiting who is writing the words@amoreden.