amoreden: writing the words


When customers visit your website, how many print the page or download a brochure? When you make a sales call to a prospective customer, how many ask to see something in writing?

Most of them.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, however much you talk to your customers, however good your sales pitch, people still like to see words.

Words are comforting; they explain, persuade and reassure. Even when a customer has placed an order they’ll return to the words to check the details and assure themselves they’ve made the right choice.

The written word plays a vital role in the sales process, whether used on a simple A4 sheet of paper or in a well designed newsletter, web site, email or marketing piece.

amoreden is dedicated to writing words for our clients. Words that sell your products and services. Words that explain, persuade and reassure your customers. Words that suit their purpose. Words that fit the space.

When you are searching for the right words contact Judi Whiting who is writing the words@amoreden